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We have been dealing with our exclusive Czech Supplier, Alex Tropicals for over 20 years and our partnership has gone from strength to strength over the years.

Our Czech shipment comes in once a month and consists of a comprehensive range of fish including Cichlids, Rainbowfish, Tetras, Angelfish and Barbs.

Ales, our supplier is very passionate about the fish he provides and only uses fish that are bred in aquariums by Czech aquarists. Which gives them the fantastic reputation that they have today.

A point in question with breeders is Radek, a long time friend who with Ales joined me on the Project Piaba trip to Brazil in 2008, He specializes in Apistogramma, Wild Angel forms and has around 50 species of them - a true specialist breeder.

A schedule of shipment dates for the year is available upon request.

About our Czech Supplier

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Benefits of Czech Fish

As fish breeding has been a popular tradition in the Czech Republic for many years, there are a lot of aquarists that breed fish for Alex Tropicals from all over Czechia. Some of them breed common and popular fish species, while others produce unusual and hard to breed species which gives us a good balance of variety!

Because of the way these fish are bred, they are a lot more adaptable to transportation, meaning that there are less likely to be any DOAs upon arrival.  The fish are free of the parasitic and bacterial infections suffered by wild caught or farmed fish. This also means that quarantine and acclimatization requirements are minimal – thus they can be prepared for sale more quickly and at a lower cost.

Not only are these fish healthy —but they also look fantastic. Their colours are a lot brighter and fish tend to be a lot more chunky. This is down to a healthy diet of dried prepared food and in some cases livefood. Sales of aquarium-grown fish also contribute to the conservation of some endangered species (Ales donates a percentage to Project Piaba for Cardinal Tetra sales), whilst others help the preservation of the environment as they do not cause depletion of natural fish sources.

Why Alex Tropicals

There are  a lot of advantages in buying Alex Topicals, a brief recap of some of the main ones are as follows (in no particular order) :

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The quality of these fish are second to none!


Very good communication with the supplier/breeders, enabling special requests to be sorted.


The fact there are 11 bags to a box—so smaller quantities (a big plus point at the moment) 

Healthy Fish

You rarely get DOA’s and they are credited anyway.

Arrival Time

Nice early shipment arrival time. 

Clear Packing

Bags are clearly marked with the description , code, size and quantity. 

Stable Environment

Transported from Czechia to the UK in a heated van, so a stable environment. 

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Czech Trips

What better way to buy fish than actually going out to the facilities and seeing them for yourself!  
We can offer you this opportunity several times throughout the year. Not only do you get to see the facilities from which these fantastic fish are bred, you will get to meet the breeders and see the different methods they use. Also giving you a chance to experience the beautiful city of Prague.  All of this in a happy, informative and relaxed environment.

A typical trip lasts about three days and consists of visiting several different breeders and their fish houses. You will stay in good quality accommodation and all meals will be included on your trip.  
We usually meet our Czech supplier, Ales Vokac in the early in the morning of the first day. A mini bus picks us up and takes us around to the different breeders. We stop for lunch about mid-day and then continue to see more fish in the afternoon. After a long day of driving and seeing fish, we all go out for a meal and a few drinks and see Prague by night!  
(Something everybody should see if they get the chance!)  
Before flying home the next day, we visit more breeders before being dropped off a the airport to catch our flight home. 

Please contact us for more details, availability and prices on trips. 

A Typical Trip


Steven, Aqualife

“I have been going on the Czech trips twice a year for several years. I find the trips very informative as I can see the quality of fish available, rather than looking at endless fish lists not knowing what the quality is like.  
Ales is on hand to answer any questions personally. I find him very honest and  
trustworthy to deal with. Also, with Richard and Ales being our tour guides, I can ask many questions and get informative answers. "
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