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Saigon Aquarium

 – Vietnam Consolidation

Saigon Aquarium was established in 1999 with a lot of help from the Czech Republic as it was known then. In fact Ales (our Czech supplier) worked for 6 months or so over there helping to set it up! Richard visited Saigon Aquarium in 2018 to see the facility and fish for himself (see photo gallery).

They produce a wide range of fish including a lot of Livebearers (many of which get exported to Singapore), a nice range of Discus, Siamese Fighting Fish, Catfish, Barbs, Characins along with a selection of local fish and brackish water fish. It is a real cross section of fish, the platy and swordtail range is very extensive, as is the discus selection. One fish to mention is the Sewellia Lineolata (reticulated Hillstream Loach). They were the first farm to breed them and still do – it’s a lovely fish.

We offer a shipment every 4 weeks, which arrives at the same time as Singapore. They pack in full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/6th and 1/8th box. Full details are on the availability list header – prices shown are landed (freight inclusive) in GBP – just add box charge and VAT (plus Crustation Duty if applicable).

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