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Aquamade Coldwater Fish

- Israeli Consolidation


Aquamade is a marketing company set up by a group of fish breeders to make life easier for their customers, it consists of Hazorea Aquatics, Dagon – MadanKoi (Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael), Dag Noy (Kfar Ruppin), Koi Kin and Colorfish Coldwater producers. Plus various tropical farms / breeders – see separate section. 


The koi that are provided are either vaccinated or naive depending on your preference but a full range of sizes and grades are available in most varieties.


  • Hazorea produce Bio Secure Koi, plus good quality Goldfish & Fantails. 

  • Dagon – MadanKoi produce outdoor Koi and Goldfish, along with Bio Secure Koi. 

  • Kfar Ruppin product outdoor Koi and Goldfish.

  • Koi Kin produces Bio Secure Butterfly Koi, and Bio Secure Goldfish. 

  • Colorfish specialize in wide range of Fancy Goldfish and Oranda’s – The main source of the Fancy Goldfish housed at our facility.

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Weekly Israel shipments are available throughout the season making it easier for you to stock up when you need to. Whether you need one box of 2”-3” comets or ten boxes of 18”-20” A Grade Koi.. We can supply all your needs. No order is too big or too small for us to handle.  

Koi buying trips to Israel can also be arranged, we have a lot of experience of trips after doing these for 30 years.

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