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Aquarium Liberty &
Sunbeam Aquarium
- Singapore Fish Consolidation


We have a Singapore shipment every week, arriving on a Wednesday. The suppliers we use are Aquarium Liberty and Sunbeam Aquarium, both of which we have dealt with for over 30 years in one form or another.

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Availability lists are produced on a weekly basis and the headers contain information on arrival date, order deadline and all charges (excluding VAT). Both suppliers will pack in full, half, quarter, sixth and eighth of a box – or a combination. Prices shown on these lists include freight charges (other than the surcharge) and are in GBP, so it’s easy to see what you are paying.

Singapore is the main Far East fish hub and provides a very convenient ‘one stop shop’ for Asian fish. Other than Alex Tropicals - Czech this is our main source of consolidated fish.

When ordering you can also request scatter packs of various fish in the box (usually up to 15 pcs per bx). These fish are usually packed individually and ‘scattered’ between the other bags – the usual fish to do this with are Siamese Fighter and Rams.

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About the companies:

Aquarium Liberty was established in 1975 and has ever since been exporting fishes from Asia to other parts of the world. Now run by William Chew and Celyne Lee, it is a very easy company to deal with due to their great communication and "hands on" attitude. The company has a network of suppliers across different continents, that enables us to offer a wide variety of fishes for customers to choose from. Quality and service are at the forefront of what we do, ensuring happy returning customers and building long lasting relationships that spans decades

Sunbeam Aquarium is a Singapore based wholesale exporter of ornamental freshwater fish, crustaceans, molluscs, soft corals, marine fish and aquatic plants.

For the past 51 years since our founding in 1972, we have emerged as Singapore’s largest supplier of tropical fish, exporting nature’s most beautiful aquarium fish to customers in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australasia.

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