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Consolidated Boxes

Berry Ring offer a comprehensive range of consolidated boxes as an option for customers who can accommodate them. These consist of full a box, containing a certain number of bags depending on the supplier (this can be your choice). Most suppliers offer eight, sixth, quarter or half bags, apart from Ales Tropical (Czech) who packs eleven bags to a box.  

Our largest supplier of consolidated fish is Alex Tropicals (please see separate tab for more details and photos or below link).  

This section contains more information regarding suppliers offered from Singapore (Fish & Plants), Israel, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, various South American/African and Coldwater suppliers.  

For more information on these consolidated shipments please click on the below links (found on both the images and titles). 

Most of the shipments arrive into Manchester on a weekly/fortnightly basis, which means they can be collected from there or we can arrange  a delivery (charge applicable) please contact us for more details. 

Typically a list would be available by email on Tuesday/Wednesday and orders would be required by Thursday/Friday, the fish would then arrive the following week (mostly on a Wednesday around 1pm but times can vary). 

The shipment frequency varies according to the supplier, please see the individual sections for more information on the specific supplier, including details bags per box and what they provide. 

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Alex Tropicals is our exclusive Czech exporter who is very passionate about the fish he supplies. He only uses fish that are bred in tanks by Czech aquarists. Shipments are available once a month and consists of a comprehensive range of Tropical fish, especially Cichlids, Rainbow Fish, Tetras, Angelfish and Barbs – highest quality fish.

We supply Aquarium Liberty and Sunbeam Aquarium on a weekly basis into Manchester Airport for collection or delivered on a same day courier (charge applies). They both offer an extensive range of tropical fish and Coldwater fancies. Singapore really is the Far East “One Stop Shop” giving a convenient way to console smaller quantities of fish on a regular basis.

South Island - SelaginellaWildenowii.jpg

South Island Plants are available every 2 weeks. They supply loose, pre bunched, potted and various other options of quality aquarium plants. Boxes can consist of any combination of the above forms, and we can offer pre-set boxes too or standing orders. These are sent out on overnight courier at no extra cost to you.

Great supplier, offering very good quality livebearers – Guppies, Platies, Swordtails & Mollies – all in freshwater. Lots of colour varieties and sizes up to 6-7cm in some species. They also produce a range of Tetras, Barbs, Rainbow fish, Gourami, Corydoras and Medaka.

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Danzinger Full Orange Angelfish.jpg

Aquamade is an Israeli marketing company offering fish from several producers. The main ones we use are Danziger who offer Angelfish and Ramirezi in many forms and Shany fish who breed mostly ancistrus species. We also offer Water Marks, Invita, Epsteen & My shrimp Farm and others depending on availability – see the main section.

Aquazone is available every 4 weeks and consists of some very interesting fish, including a lot of captive bred unusual species – some exciting items are Backberry Silver Dollar, Chilli Red Oscars, Albino Lemon Oscar, loads of shrimps, crabs and snails. Butis Butis, lots of Tanganyika Cichlids (Tropheus, Julidochromis, Lamprolgus, Cyphotilapia) and various Synodontis Catfish – A lot of niche items on this list.

Peckoltia Sabaji (Ex Tanks).JPG

Colombia is available every 3 weeks and consists of a comprehensive range of wild caught fish. An ideal source of Characins (Green Neon’s, Bleeding Heart Tetra, Hatchet fish and some more unusual species), various Corydoras species, Banjo Cats, Otocinclus, various ‘L’ Code Plecostomus and Cichlids.

Seylon Freshwater and Marines are available every 3 weeks and consists of a comprehensive range of predominately livebearers – especially Guppies, along with Discus, Characins, Barbs, Catfish, Brackish Water Fish and various indigenous species. Plus marine fish and inverts.

Dumbo Ear Guppy 2.jpg

Qian Hu Thailand is available every 4 weeks and consists of a broad mix of species – a lot of which are bred on the farms. Good source of Discus, Fancy Goldfish, Cichlids and many more – including a good range of Siamese Fighting Fish in its various forms.

Saigon Aquarium is available every 4 weeks and consists of a comprehensive range of tropical fish. A very broad mix – including some very nice Discus and Siamese Fighting Fish, a lot of livebearers and some interesting local fish.

Siagon Aq -Betta-male-red-long-02_1.jpg

Aquamade Coldwater is available every week during March-August and then every two weeks, or so out of season. Aquamade is a marketing company for Hazorea Aquatics, Dagon – MadanKoi (Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael) , Dagnoy (Kfar Ruppin), Color Fish and Koi Kin. They also market various tropical farms (see separate header)

English 1 is our source of Sturgeon and some orfe. There are no set dates for this, it depends on demand and the weather! Just ask for more details.

We do use other suppliers from time to time, this is usually governed by availability. Our main source of English / British bred fish is GreenLine – Our own brand (see separate tab)

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