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South Island Aquarium       – Singapore Plants Consolidation:


We have dealt with South Island since our first days of trading. They have been operating since 1969, so it is a well established business with huge experience.

They have two production facilities situated on 16 acres of land in Malaysia, and the main packing facility is located in Singapore. With refrigerated storage the plants are packed and shipped in the best condition. There is also a tissue culture facility in Malaysia.

South Island Aquarium is now managed by Ms. Lim Chai Luan and Mr. Wilson Law, both are great people that we have dealt with and known for a long time.



We have a shipment every 2 weeks from South Island arriving on a Monday and reaching customer on a Tuesday via an overnight courier (at no extra charge). Standard box dimensions are 49x36x21cm.

As a guide you can fit up to 250-300 pre-bunched plants into a box, or a combination of plant on bogwood, potted pants and pre-bunched plants – if you are unsure just call and have a chat with Richard – lots of possibilities.

We send out an availability list for each shipment by email and have the facility to do standing orders every 2 weeks. For any more information please get in touch.

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