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Colombian Consolidation

We bring Colombian shipments in roughly every 3 weeks, they arrive on a Wednesday for collection/delivery the same time as most other shipments – including Singapore.

Packing quantities are either full, half or quarter bags per box or a combination. The availability list shows the prices in USD, quantity per full box and how many boxes the supplier has in stock. It is important to add substitutes on your order, the header on the availability list also shows the arrival date, order deadline and details all of the charges (excluding VAT).

Columbia is an ideal source of characins (green neon’s, bleeding heart tetra, hatchet fish and some more unusual species), various Corydoras species, banjo cates, otocinclus, various ‘L’ code Plecostomus (Royal Panaque L191, L330, Galaxy plecs), chaetostoma and talking cats. Pictus cats, columbian sharks cats and various cichlids (festivum, apistogramma, pike cichlids, biotodoma, leopoldi angels)  -  Quite a comprehensive list really!

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