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Phoenix Farm Tropical Fish                - Israeli Consolidation


This is one of our favourite fish farms which is a leading supplier of high quality, healthy and colourful tropical fish. This farm is situated in the middle of the Negev desert in Israel and established in 2004 by the Antignus family. Phoenix Farm is one of the largest tropical fish breeding farms in the world. They specialize in good quality livebearers, as well as egg layers. It operates in  a purpose built indoor Bio-secure structure, where all of the fish are raised in the same water parameters from egg layers to live bearers. The water is PH7 and 1800 microsiemans. This makes aclimitization easy for customers, having constant water conditions and gives much less stress during shipping and transportation due to minimum handling.


They produce several hundred thousand fish per month. Richard has known Rachel for quite a longtime now, she is great for communication and nothing is too much trouble, a real pleasure to deal with.

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The main production is high quality livebearers, offering a great range of Guppies, Platies, Swordtails and Mollies – with a good range of sizes and colours including larger sizes – swordtails 6-7cm+ !! 

See their website for photos of the actual fish – the quality is as good as it gets. Also see our gallery of Phoenix fish and their facility below.

Phoenix Blue Glass Male Guppy.webp
Phoenix Cherry Barb.webp


They pack Full, half and sixth bags per box, prices are landed in GBP (no surcharge applicable) – just add VAT Simple!

The shipment arrival day is Friday and usually early in the morning.

Great supplier and very good quality fish.

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