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Coldwater Fancy Goldfish, Comets & Shubunkins

At Berry Ring we carry a comprehensive range of Coldwater fancies, along with a variety of Goldfish and Shubunkin offered both from our tanks and on a consolidation basis from various suppliers. 

Most of our stock originates from Colorfish in Israel, who supply us with good quality, healthy fancy goldfish. Which are treated and quarantined before offering them for sale. We offer the option to visit our site (by appointment) to select your own fish.  

Fish can be collected or we also offer an overnight courier service (charge applicable) which offers delivery by noon the next working day. Please see our Berry Ring Coldwater stock list which is updated weekly and available by email. If you would like to be added to our tank availability mailing list just let us know.

We also carry stock of various goldfish types from Aquamade, another Israeli supplier, again nice quality along with our very own GreenLine brand of Coldwater. These Israeli fish are also in our consolidated section where we offer them in box (or half box) quantities directly from the supplier to the customer. 

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