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GreenLine Mixed Koi.png

Berry Ring Aquatics

Tropical & Coldwater Fish Importer / Wholesaler

Supplying to the aquatic trade only.

GreenLine Mixed Koi (above) / Greenline Ogon Ghost (below) - see separate page & gallery for more photo's

Reach out today for more details.

At our facility we stock a variety of excellent quality Coldwater Fish, Fancy Goldfish and Axolotl’s.  Along with priding ourselves in our close communications with a great range of breeders from around the world to offer an extensive consolidation availability for Tropical, Marine, Coldwater Fish / Invertebrates and Plants.

Proud to provide an excellent level of service to all our customers from initial contact, through to ordering advice and guidance, to delivery, after sales care and advice from our knowledgeable staff.

"Without a doubt the best fish we've ever had. Had 1000's from berry ring and never a single problem. Amazing friendly staff and facility."

Nik Thomas, Preston

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